Forgiveness is the sixth step on your journey to Hope. It is the act of owning up to your part in the story. When faced with the opportunity for deep empathy for who or what might have contributed to your struggle and, most importantly, the chance to have compassion for yourself, you will be able to see your reality from a new perspective — one that takes into consideration your own contribution to the pain you are experiencing. In recognizing your trespasses that are in need of forgiveness and accepting the wrongdoing by those who have wronged you, you will be able to find release from the pain, regret, shame, and failure that your struggle has produced. And what will be left is an appreciation of what your hurt and struggle will lead you to: freedom.


Begin the Practice of Forgiveness

You will begin the Practice of Forgiveness when you are willing to peel back the layers of blame you keep placing on others and on yourself and have empathy and acceptance for the root cause of the pain inflicted and received. By doing this, you are acknowledging your own need for forgiveness. It is then that you will find the release needed to move forward unburdened.

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