At Living Hope, Honesty is the fourth step on your journey to Hope. Honesty is the rejection of fantasy or delusion and the acceptance of what you know to be true, regardless of how ugly it may feel. It requires that you recognize the difference between what you want for yourself and what others expect of you, and the willingness to act on that distinction. It also serves to illuminate the ways in which you present yourself inauthentically and falsely, allowing you to see clearly the circumstances of your reality.


Begin the Practice of Honesty

You will begin the Practice of Honesty when, after determined self-examination and transparency, the center of your being begins to stir and you choose to listen and accept what it tells you as truth. Understand that it takes complete faith and dedication to begin to trust and act on the messages you receive from this place of bold Honesty, but it is a necessary step in your healing. Ask yourself the hard questions: How did I get here? What part did I play? Why do these things always happen to me? But you must ask these questions, not with the intent of blaming others, but with the intent of getting to the truth.

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