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In our Stories of Hope series, we connect with everyday individuals to learn more about what Hope means to them, how they’ve overcome challenges and obstacles and the ways in which they practice Hope in their daily lives. We share these stories in the hopes that someone, somewhere, might be inspired by and encouraged to pursue and practice Hope in their own life. Because no one should live in despair and hopelessness. Not even you. Read the latest from of Stories of Hope series below.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a 29-year-old Latina who loves travel, health, wellness, and beauty among many other things. I have eight siblings- two brothers,  two sisters, and three half-siblings.I recently came back to the United States after spending two years living in Rome, where I traveled and explored Italy while working as an English language teacher. I am originally from Charleston, SC. I am always curious, willing to learn new things, and try something new. You can usually find me at the gym, checking out a new restaurant downtown (I’m big foodie), or cuddling with my toy poodle, Marley.  

2. What life challenges have you faced, and how have you been able to overcome?

The most recent life challenge is what I’m going through now, as I am returning to my home country and adjusting to life back in the states. After spending a glorious couple of years in Italy, I decided it was time to come back home. Making such a big and drastic change to move abroad was scary, but coming back home seems almost as scary because it feels like I am starting all over again. I have changed so much from my experience traveling abroad and my values have morphed and changed along with me. Moving forward, I plan on making decisions that align with these values and worldview.  

3. What is your definition of Hope?

My definition of Hope is the desire to live out a dream. We Hope for so much in life, but if we don’t take the action to make those wishes happen, then there will never be any change. 

4. How has having Hope impacted your life, and how do you continually practice it?

Having Hope has impacted me to go after the things I want to see become a reality.

I practice it by praying, and remaining optimistic and positive in all situations. 

5. How has finding Hope changed the way you view rejection, setbacks or difficulties?

I see rejections, setbacks, and difficulties as just another obstacle in life that we all face. These are unavoidable and necessary in order for us to be successful.  

6. What have you learned about yourself along your journey?

I have learned that I am resilient, courageous, powerful and worthy of anything I put my mind to. 

7. What advice would you like to give to those who are feeling Hopeless?

Keep striving and pushing. Tomorrow brings new beginnings and an opportunity to start over.

8. Do you have any other words of wisdom you would like to add?

Have Hope and faith in everything you do.

Everyone’s pace of success comes different.

Don’t compare yours to your neighbor’s.


Estrella, born in New York to Salvadoran immigrants, moved to Charleston, SC at seven years old. After finishing college she moved to Miami, FL and lived there for four years until she traveled to Italy for a one week vacation, but realized she wanted to live there. In 2016, she made the move abroad and taught English at a private language school, while traveling, learning Italian and exploring the culture. She is now a blogger who resides in Charleston, where she spends time with her large family and her poodle, Marley.

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