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In our Stories of Hope series, we connect with everyday individuals to learn more about what Hope means to them, how they’ve overcome challenges and obstacles and the ways in which they practice Hope in their daily lives. We share these stories in the hopes that someone, somewhere, might be inspired by and encouraged to pursue and practice Hope in their own life. Because no one should live in despair and hopelessness. Not even you. Read the latest from of Stories of Hope series below.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

Chelsea Parsons is the passionate founder behind Well + Happy; the wellness brand which offers a global hub fusing happy food and high vibes. Her purpose is to inspire a deeper global level of consciousness, shaping positive and sustainable change in health and happiness.

2.What life challenges have you faced, and how have you been able to overcome?

I faced the truly unthinkable challenge of losing my mother to cancer when I was 24. And in all honesty, I don’t think anything else comes close for me. Overcoming my mother’s death really set me up with a strong foundation to face and deal with anything that comes my way. 

3. What is your definition of Hope?

Hope is about being present and mindful. It’s about letting the past remain the past and adopting a positive mindset for the future. Hope is about expecting something greater and it’s a way to put yourself in a state of positive energy.

4. How has having Hope impacted your life, and how do you continually practice it?

I held Hope throughout my mother’s illness. Holding onto the Hope that she’d pull through. When she didn’t, my Hope was certainly shattered for a while, but I took her strength and courage and channelled it into a more positive way of living. I raised a lot of money for the hospice that looked after her and that gave me Hope for a brighter future. Now, Hope for me is an energetical state of positive living. It’s a way to expect miracles.

5. How has finding Hope changed the way you view rejection, setbacks or difficulties?

Having Hope diffuses negativity and difficulty. I trust the process and know that everything is happening as it should be.

Sometimes by simply trusting, we realize that setbacks simply allow for bigger and better things. 

6. What have you learned about yourself along your journey?

I’ve learned that I am a strong, independent human. Through living without any parents (my dad left my family when we were very young) running my own business and having huge dreams, I’ve had to be strong and independent. I’ve also learned that when I set my mind to achieve something, I always do. 

7. What advice would you like to give to those who are feeling Hopeless?

If you’re feeling hopeless, I strongly encourage using positive affirmations. Whether you say them out loud, write them down or record yourself and play them on repeat––or perhaps all of these. Positive affirmations rewire our subconscious brain patterns and help us shift towards a more positive mindset. Even if you don’t think they’re working, keep at them. They’re working on a far deeper level than you realize!

8. Do you have any other words of wisdom you would like to add?

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen, because it always is.


Chelsea Parsons is the passionate founder of Well + Happy, fusing Happy Food, High Vibes + Conscious Living. A qualified Kinesiologist, NLP practitioner, Yoga teacher, performance coach and plant-based chef; Chelsea developed the Well + Happy brand after learning about the power of the mind + body, and in turn, how the lifestyle we lead affects everything from how we feel to how we perform.

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