Curiosity is the fifth step on your journey to Hope. Curiosity is a loving means of self-examination. It is the willingness to retrace your steps and examine all the factors that have woven together to create this intricate mess you find yourself in.  By unpacking all your emotional baggage and accepting the truths that you will discover about yourself and what things have shaped the insecurities and fears that have driven you to make so many fateful and destructive decisions, you will begin healing parts of you that have been hurting for a lifetime.  Slowly, the compulsion to keep your focus on your struggles will begin to fade away, and you will release yourself from the emotional ties that keep you engaged in the struggle. The release of so much pain will allow yourself to become wholly new.


Begin the Practice of Curiosity

You will begin the Practice of Curiosity when you are willing to sit and wonder: How did I find myself here? The work begins when you bravely confront your own contribution to the mess you find around you. Resist the need to deflect what will feel like shame and blame onto your perceived perpetrators and unpack all of the pain that you have buried within the fateful decisions that led to this moment.

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