You Can Choose Hope

in the midst of whatever you're facing. At Living Hope, you'll find a community of individuals all over the world who are constantly practicing and pursuing Hope.

So Many Of Us Believe

that Hope is an emotion that some have but others don't. Instead, what if you saw Hope as an action? What if you saw Hope as something that you could have regardless of where you are or what you're dealing with?

About Living Hope

I am Elizabeth Broyhill Morris, the founder of Living Hope. Eight years ago, I found myself in complete despair. The expectations I had for my life had been shattered and I was rapidly losing hope. But as I slowly began the path to healing, I found that there were 8 Practices along this journey that helped me to choose Hope in the midst of the struggle I was facing. These Practices changed my life and I know they can change yours too.

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Living Hope


You know Hope when you see it. In our community, you'll find stories of men and women who, despite their circumstances and challenges, are truly Living Hope. Explore their stories and be inspired to choose Hope in your own life.

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Living Hope

Choose Hope Now

Hope is not an emotion. It is an action that one must constantly put into practice. Are you ready to join our Living Hope community and choose Hope today?