This Submission Release supplements the Terms of Use and concerns important provisions regarding any story or narrative submitted by you (“Submission”) to This is Living Hope, LLC (“we” and “us”), whether through the website (“Site”), via e-mail, or any other method.  By delivering your Submission to us, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Submission Release.

  1. Rights Granted. Except as otherwise expressly limited herein, you grant us the non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free right and license (but not the obligation) to post your Submission on the Site and/or on any other website owned or controlled by us, including but not limited to our social media accounts, as well as to publish your Submission in electronic or print newsletters, periodicals, and any similar or related media, all in connection with the Site, the Living Hope project, and the marketing and promotion thereof (“Rights Granted”).  The foregoing expressly excludes the right of publication in physical books (including hardcover trade and mass-market paperback), e-books, audio rights (including unabridged, abridged, and dramatized sound recordings), curricula intended for professional clinical or therapeutic use, and subsidiary rights (including film, television and other media rights, merchandising, dramatic and radio rights) (“Excluded Rights”).
  2. Edits. Without limitation, we reserve the right to make additions, deletions, and changes to your Submission, including for grammar, readability, length, or language, and to create excerpts thereof (e.g., for “teasers”).  We may also edit or remove any Submission that we believe violates the Terms of Use, including Submissions that we believe are intended (or are likely) to intimidate, harass, embarrass, demean, insult, threaten, harm or injure in any way any person, class of persons, or entity.  We may also translate your Submission for use in any territories around the world.  We shall retain exclusive rights to any edits or derivatives of the Submission created by us or at our request and you shall not have the right to use or exploit such edits or derivatives other than on terms approved in writing in advance by us (for clarification, the foregoing shall not preclude you from the use of your Submission as created and originally delivered to us).
  3. Your Name and Likeness.
    • We shall have the right to use your name, likeness, image, biography, and other personally identifiable information (“ID Material”) in connection with the Submission, the Rights Granted, and the Site. You may decline to grant us rights in your ID Material or revoke such right by providing us with express written notice (“ID Rights Notice”) by either: (i) selecting “Anonymous Submission” on the submission form prior to delivering the Submission to us, or (ii) by sending an email to with the subject “ID Rights Notice” at any time following your delivery of the Submission to us.  In the event that we receive an ID Rights Notice at any time following our receipt of your Submission, then we shall use reasonable efforts to remove ID Material from any postings or descriptions of the Submission on the Site and other locations controlled by us.
    • Notwithstanding the foregoing, we shall not have any liability to you as a result of: (i) ID Material incorporated in the original Submission, (ii) the use of ID Material by any other person, (iii) our use of ID Material prior to our receipt of the ID Rights Notice, or (iv) our inadvertent failure to remove any ID Material controlled by us (provided we use reasonable efforts to do so following written notice from you, identifying the specific type and location of the ID Material).
  4. Option. At any time prior to the Termination Date, we shall have the exclusive option (but not the obligation) to enter into an agreement with you for one or more of the Excluded Rights.  You will be under no obligation to grant us the Excluded Rights, provided you agree to negotiate with us in good faith.  At our election, we may offer you the opportunity to license to us the Excluded Right(s) on the same terms as all others who submit stories and grant us the Excluded Right(s) in connection with a particular project, in which case you may either accept or reject our offer.  Unless expressly agreed to the contrary, any agreement regarding the Excluded Rights (including the rejection of such an agreement) shall not impact the Rights Granted in any way.
  5. Representations and Warranties. You warrant and represent that: (a) you are at least eighteen (18) years of age, legally emancipated, or otherwise reached the legal age of majority, and have the right and power to grant the rights herein granted; (b) the Submission is entirely your original work, and is not derived from or incorporates material created by any third party; (c) the Submission has not previously been published, in whole or in part; (d) the Submission recounts a personal story that happened to you, or events as they impacted you and your life; (e) the Submission is truthful, or is modified solely to the extent necessary to protect the rights of another person or entity; (f) the Submission contains no matter that is obscene, libelous, or defamatory, that portrays any person or entity in a negative, false, or misleading light, or violates any third party’s right of privacy or publicity, or is otherwise in contravention of law or the right of any third party; (g) the Submission does not, and if published will not, infringe upon any copyright, trademark, or any other intellectual, personal, or property right of any third party; and (h) no royalty, fee, or payment of any kind shall be due to you or any other person in connection with the Rights Granted.
  6. Modification. We reserve the right to modify, at any time and in our sole discretion, this Submission Release.  Notwithstanding the foregoing or anything in the Terms of Use to the contrary, (a) any such modification shall not become effective until thirty (30) days after we provide you notice of the change by email at the address associated with your account with us, and (b) no such modification shall expand the Rights Granted.
  7. Term and Termination. You may terminate the rights herein granted at any time by providing us with notice to: or to the physical address identified on the Site, clearly indicating your intent. Within thirty (30) days of our receipt of your notice (“Termination Date”), we shall use reasonable efforts to remove your Submission from the Site and all other online locations controlled by us.  Our casual or inadvertent failure to comply with the foregoing shall not be deemed a breach hereof, and we shall have no obligation to remove your Submission from any locations controlled by third parties (we may, but will not be required to, ask such third parties to do so if known to us).  Any termination hereunder shall not impact any rights we might acquire pursuant to an Option exercised by us prior to the Termination Date.
  8. Additional Terms. This Submission Release is in addition to the Terms of Use and, except as otherwise provided herein, the provisions in the Terms of Use shall apply with respect to your Submission, ID Material, and Rights Granted, and our use thereof.  Without limiting the foregoing, the applicable provisions from the Terms of Use include Disclaimers, Limitation of Liability, Governing Law, Venue, and Jurisdiction, Arbitration, and Indemnity.