Aging Parents: A Conversation with Murray Clayton

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From our Founder: Friends, back in the Spring I ran into my friend Murray Clayton at a wedding in Nashville.  She expressed her enthusiasm... read more

Disclaimer on Grief

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At Living Hope, we are ever mindful of the vulnerable and difficult experiences we are inviting our readers to process. We know from firsthand... read more

A Word on Passing

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My beloved 13-year-old dog Hank passed away this past Tuesday. We knew his death was imminent as my husband and I had made the... read more

7 Ways To Navigate Life’s Difficult Transitions

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By Guest Writer, Travis Haney  It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a year since I learned that my contract at ESPN would not... read more

Stillness in Constant Change

By Guest Writer Phillip Nogueras In the last three years, I have lived in five different states, traveled for a month in northwest Cuba,... read more

Lane Faulkner on Stillness

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For as long as I can remember in my adult life, I was always moving. I was raised to be a type-A perfectionist, with... read more

Daughter Knows Best

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By Guest Writer Ben Gear Father’s Day is finally here but when it comes to my father I couldn’t care less. He doesn’t exist... read more

From the Founder: A Word on Fear

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Last Wednesday morning, I flicked on the television to news of, not one, but two incredibly violent events: the shooting at a Congressional baseball... read more

Meet the Curator: Q & A with Ken Cannon on Surrender

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What was your creative process in curating this playlist? When curating the playlist for Surrender, I did my best to emotionally and mentally return... read more

From the Founder: A Word on Transition and Transformation

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As the seasons change to the longer, slower days of summer, I am hearing from many friends who are relieved by the transition to... read more

Seasons of Transition: Pruning in the Garden of College

By Guest Writer Catherine Carter To the high school graduate entering the vast, diverse garden of college: Welcome! Most of us are just following... read more

Another Crossroads, Same Optimism

By Guest Writer Travis Haney   Monday was my final day with 247Sports/CBS Sports as a national college football reporter. I’m again a free... read more