Feeling the Squeeze

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Not long ago my son was having a day. Behavior, rudeness, zaniness, culminating with him taking a huge mouthful of milk and spewing it... read more

How I’m Choosing Hope in the Midst of Struggle—And How You Can Too

Dear Friend, I see you struggling, as I am, to make sense of the hopeless narrative that continues to proliferate, particularly in light of... read more

Stillness in Constant Change

By Guest Writer Phillip Nogueras In the last three years, I have lived in five different states, traveled for a month in northwest Cuba,... read more

Lane Faulkner on Stillness

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For as long as I can remember in my adult life, I was always moving. I was raised to be a type-A perfectionist, with... read more

Seasons of Transition: Q and A with Tyler Smith

This week we are interviewing Tyler Smith who recently completed his master’s coursework in Chemistry at New York University. Like many soon-to-be graduates, Tyler... read more

Notes of Encouragement: Stillness

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Dear Friend, I am writing you this note of encouragement as the whirling and churning of your mind is evident in the busyness that... read more

Practice Stillness

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Stillness – it is a state not commonly practiced in our culture. Instead, we fill our worlds with noise and busyness, often as a... read more