Fixing the Bridge to Nowhere: A Closer Look at the Suicide Epidemic

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The act of suicide has a profound effect on the people left behind — words are hard to form, and if anything, more questions... read more

From the Founder’s Journal: Reflections on Motherhood

This Mother’s Day my son wasn’t in a celebratory mood. It was a difficult day full of tantrums, which end up putting me and... read more

Navigating the Timeless, Messy and Complex Relationship Between Mom and Daughter

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Mother’s Day has now come and gone — and I still find myself with the same takeaway: Mother’s Day is such a commercialized holiday.... read more

Breaking Down the Boxes

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Our family has finally moved back home after a seven month whole house renovation. PRAISE THE LORD! I’m not sure where I got the... read more

One Month After the Shooting in Parkland, Can We Implement a Policy on Hope?

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This week marks one month since the horrific shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which left 17 dead and many... read more

On National Day of Unplugging, Put the Phone Down and Plug Back Into the Relationships Right in Front of You

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I recently started becoming aware of my attachment to Instagram. It had become my happy place, the antithesis of Facebook ranting and stressful parenting.... read more

Feeling the Squeeze

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Not long ago my son was having a day. Behavior, rudeness, zaniness, culminating with him taking a huge mouthful of milk and spewing it... read more

Finding Hope in the Midst of Trauma and Mourning

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I’m a trauma therapist. Each day, I work with survivors of sexual trauma at a non-profit agency and also within my private counseling practice.... read more

Not Today Satan

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Pictured here are giant black circles under my eyes and heavily dry-shampooed hair in a half-hearted bun. Not pictured are my sore nipples from... read more

Total Eclipse of My Heart

I forgive my Father for years of emotional and psychological abuse and all the complex insidious ways that abuse splintered my sense of confidence... read more

Suicide: The Uncomfortable, Messy Word We Aren’t Talking About

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When I was asked to write some thoughts on my personal grief journey after losing my brother to mental illness, I was dreading it.... read more

Helping Survivors of Hurricane Harvey

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Living Hope is a community of individuals who are actively and intentionally pursuing Hope in the midst of adversity. Oftentimes, we must pursue Hope... read more