A Word on Expectations

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I came across a TODAY Show spot from earlier in the summer about photographers who are “raising the bar” on graduation photos for high... read more

How I’m Choosing Hope in the Midst of Struggle—And How You Can Too

Dear Friend, I see you struggling, as I am, to make sense of the hopeless narrative that continues to proliferate, particularly in light of... read more

Ben Gear: Comfortably Dishonest

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Do I want to be comfortable or do I want to be honest? The two aren’t mutually exclusive, just all too commonly incorrectly valued.... read more

Aging Parents: A Conversation with Murray Clayton

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From our Founder: Friends, back in the Spring I ran into my friend Murray Clayton at a wedding in Nashville.  She expressed her enthusiasm... read more

Disclaimer on Grief

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At Living Hope, we are ever mindful of the vulnerable and difficult experiences we are inviting our readers to process. We know from firsthand... read more

A Word on Passing

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My beloved 13-year-old dog Hank passed away this past Tuesday. We knew his death was imminent as my husband and I had made the... read more

7 Ways To Navigate Life’s Difficult Transitions

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By Guest Writer, Travis Haney  It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a year since I learned that my contract at ESPN would not... read more

Stillness in Constant Change

By Guest Writer Phillip Nogueras In the last three years, I have lived in five different states, traveled for a month in northwest Cuba,... read more

Daughter Knows Best

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By Guest Writer Ben Gear Father’s Day is finally here but when it comes to my father I couldn’t care less. He doesn’t exist... read more

From the Founder: A Word on Fear

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Last Wednesday morning, I flicked on the television to news of, not one, but two incredibly violent events: the shooting at a Congressional baseball... read more

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift: The Practice of Forgiveness

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By Guest Writer Lane Faulkner Father’s Day has become such an empty day for me. Melanoma took my dad six years ago, and the... read more

Seasons of Transition: The Last First Day of School

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By Guest Writer Brigette Thompson   The last first day of school. The last football game. The last snow-day. The first and last prom.... read more