Dot McCollum on Joy

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For 28 years, I led a charmed life, blissfully unaware and untouched by most of life’s sadness. I had loving parents who encouraged me... read more

How I’m Choosing Hope in the Midst of Struggle—And How You Can Too

Dear Friend, I see you struggling, as I am, to make sense of the hopeless narrative that continues to proliferate, particularly in light of... read more

Seasons of Transition: Pruning in the Garden of College

By Guest Writer Catherine Carter To the high school graduate entering the vast, diverse garden of college: Welcome! Most of us are just following... read more

Notes of Encouragement: Joy

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That we’ve come to God through tragedy, not by doing things right but invariably by doing things wrong, is a gift.  We’ve learned so... read more

Practice Joy

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Kintsugi is the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold, silver, or platinum lacquer. Rather than replace the pottery or hide the cracks,... read more