Total Eclipse of My Heart

I forgive my Father for years of emotional and psychological abuse and all the complex insidious ways that abuse splintered my sense of confidence... read more

Rashaan Thompson on Forgiveness

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I started losing my hair in middle school. It fell out in big clumps. Just gone. The condition would come and go throughout middle... read more

How I’m Choosing Hope in the Midst of Struggle—And How You Can Too

Dear Friend, I see you struggling, as I am, to make sense of the hopeless narrative that continues to proliferate, particularly in light of... read more

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift: The Practice of Forgiveness

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By Guest Writer Lane Faulkner Father’s Day has become such an empty day for me. Melanoma took my dad six years ago, and the... read more

Notes of Encouragement: Forgiveness

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Dear friend, I am writing you this note of encouragement as I am aware that you have fully accepted your reality and are living... read more

Practice Forgiveness

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Think for a moment about Forgiveness and what it means to you. What are your first impressions? Do certain thoughts arise? Do images of... read more